Komplementärmedizin, TCM & Yoga 

Pulse + tongues diagnosis

The pulse & tongue provide additional information about disturbances in the energy balance and general physical condition. During ongoing treatment, they serve to check and document the success of the Treatment.


Acupressure (Latin "acus" = point, needle, bow and "pressus" = pressure) is a pressure massage treatment of the acupuncture points. It belongs to the methods of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


Moxa or moxibustion is a therapy method of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in which acupuncture points are warmed by smoky mugwort.


Phytotherapy or herbal medicine is a form of therapy in which only plants and their active ingredients are used to treat diseases. The term "phytotherapy" was coined by the French doctor Henri Leclerc (1870-1955).


Acupuncture is one of the most important treatment methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Certain points on the skin are stimulated by inserting thin needles to remove blockages in the flow of energy and thus heal symptoms. The name acupuncture is made up of two Latin words: "acus" means needle and "pungere" means sting. In Chinese, the method is called "Zhen jiu", which means "needle pricking, burning".


Cupping is a skin irritation therapy that is one of the leading procedures. With cupping glasses that are placed on the skin, pollutants are to be discharged through the skin. There are three different types of cupping: dry cupping, bloody cupping and the cupping massage. Cupping is also a common treatment method in traditional Chinese medicine.

Gua Sha

A very important part of traditional Chinese medicine are various massage techniques, including the so-called Gua Sha, which can alleviate various ailments. Not only does it serve as a headache massage, it can also help treat circulatory problems. Translated, "gua" means scraping, the term "sha" denotes reddening of the skin.

Tuina / Anmo

An-Mo or Tui-Na is a manual therapy that is one of the treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). An-Mo / Tui-Na is a combination of different manual techniques such as massage, movement and chiro therapy as well as mobilization and stretching techniques of joints.